Deep Tissue Massage

Ease your cold and achy muscles with a deep tissue massage. At this time of year most of us start to feel a few more aches and pains in our bodies. The cold is starting to have an affect. We are less active and spend more time indoors. The time we do spend outside, we Continue reading »

New Therapy Centre Muswell Hill

After two years of work I have opened a new therapy centre in Muswell Hill. Muswell Health is a multi-disciplinary therapy centre located in central Muswell Hill. As well as myself and my partner, Augusta Hull, offering Massage and Reflexology, we have other therapists offering other therapies, including; Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and more. The website for the new Continue reading »

Sciatic pain

I have been working with a client recently, helping with their sciatic pain. Luckily they have not had the pain for a long period, which can be helpful when treating. They were waking with shooting pains in the morning and having their sleep disturbed by the pain also. Form the very first treatment they reacted Continue reading »

Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

Attended a wonderful course last week, Supporting the conception journey and Supporting the maternity journey.  Included, theory regarding life style for help with conception, including effects of stress, fertility issues, IVF and planning Reflexology to help with natural conception.  Also advice on the three trimesters of pregnancy, research on Reflexology during pregnancy and again planning Reflexology treatments and preparation Continue reading »


Found out a few weeks ago that one of my clients gave birth to her fourth child (a boy). I had been working with the client giving pregnancy Massage for several months, right up until the last few weeks of pregnancy. She had benefited enormously form treatments in helping with quite severe lower back pain.

Massage at Work

Back at my corporate job (Massage at Work) in Aldgate following a short break. Have been visiting the company for eight years now, offering 30 minute treatments. Great to see everyone again and be reminded how beneficial these treatments can be for clients who are working at their desks all day.